Neurological inpatient rehabilitation

The Department of Neurological Rehabilitation at CKR admits patients suffering from brain damage, spinal cord damage and peripheral nerve damage caused by, among others,

  • head injury,
  • thrombotic stroke,
  • spinal cord injury,
  • multiple sclerosis (MS),

as well as people suffering from musculoskeletal disorders that require assistance with everyday activities.

We specialise in treatment of cognitive deficits (e.g. aphasia, memory impairment, neglect syndrome). We offer individual all-inclusive medical care at a high level.


Our staff consists of experienced physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and support staff committed to their work.

Scope of services:

  • Personal physician: medical rehabilitation and/or neurology specialist.
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation: musculoskeletal rehabilitation, neuropsychological rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation, neurologic speech-language therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy.
  • 24/7 care: of physicians, nurses and support staff

Accommodation and board:

  • We offer fully equipped rooms, including a TV set, radio, phone, fridge and toilet for the disabled.
  • We provide full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) in the CKR cafeteria or delivered to patients' rooms (depending on the health condition).


We use modern rehabilitation equipment, including:

  • BIODEX – a set to evaluate the condition of and dynamically train muscles.
  • ALFA – a platform to evaluate and train the balance on a stable surface.
  • AfaSystem – a set of training programmes used for computer-assisted rehabilitation of patients suffering from aphasia.
  • RehaCom – a set of training programmes used for computer-assisted rehabilitation of patients suffering from cognitive impairment.

Accompanying persons:

Persons accompanying the patient can also be accommodated together with the patient or in another room. We offer full board. During your stay, be sure to make use of medical, recreational and wellness services.

Medical services:

  • Diagnostic imaging (Ultrasound, X-ray, densitometry, MRI)
  • Medical consultations: orthopaedist, specialist in rehabilitation medicine, neurologist, rheumatologist, internal medicine specialist, endocrinologist, cardiologist
  • Rehabilitation:
    • - Physiotherapy methods: Manual therapy: Kaltenborn – Evjenth, Cyriax, Neural mobilisation exercises, McKenzie, Bobath, PNF
    • - Procedures: Electrotherapy, Magnetotherapy, Ultrasounds and phonophoresis, Laser therapy, HydrotherapyLocal cryotherapy, Shock wave therapy, Systemic cryotherapy
  • Partial and full-bodymassages

Recreation and wellness:

  • Cryochamber
  • Swimming pool
  • Dry sauna and steam sauna
  • Needle bath
  • Salt and iodine chamber
  • Beautician
  • Hairdresser